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Appendix H. GNU General Public License

GNU General Public License

[image of a Philosophical Gnu]

This is an unofficial translation of the GNU General Public License into Korean. It was not published by the Free Software Foundation, and does not legally state the distribution terms for software that uses the GNU GPL--only the original English text of the GNU GPL does that. However, I hope that this translation will help Korean speakers understand the GNU GPL better.

健 珞밀ュ 腱傑 뱉��잘� ��(Free Software Foundation)� GNU General Public License況 �균�頌 纜을� ↔健ヴ.

健 珞밀ュ GNU General Public License≠ 蘆��� �ュ 繇��乾 腱傑잴 ×傑� 穢�槪 숩ヴ 皇鋼 �┶�읒∽ 꿱靴� 胛� �淮읒밀 虔뭡���梟 腱傑 뱉��잘� ��� ×� 珞밀頌 �급� �ュ 꼬ヴ. 健ュ 읏甦� 珞밀≠ �도�� �ュ 蘆�健 ���� 꿩� 輛��劍頌 傑湧�� 胛�밀 묽���꺌 � �균� �� 輛�� 꿇�� ��뭡 윈쇰읒 �� �珞≠�� ↑� 虔꾑읒 皇鋼 ��健 ���� ┐珞健ヴ. ��밀, 腱傑 뱉��잘� ��鋼 읫을健寧 �묠�� 祿瑩劍頌 乾�밀 烙휸� �도 匯況 솥�� ≠�뭡槪 藜읓읒 籃��� 珞밀≠ �� �ュ 蘆�� ��況 숩ヴ 皇鋼 �┶�읒∽ 茸숩�淞ュ ��들 ��槪 �균� 纜을珞槪 ×��劍頌 멨乾�� 꿩舡劍頌� �潢맸� � �槪 ↔健ヴ.

腱傑 뱉��잘� ��鋼 GNU General Public License況 �朗읒 ��� ±�, 읫曳 윳珞� GNU General Public License읒 ��밀梟 그 輛�� 湧悚健 이力花∽ 烙휸� � �舡槪 ���� �ヴ. 健 纜을珞鋼 輛�� ↑�잴 珞밀。� 돛件뭡 윈쇰읒 �� ↑�槪 ��� 꿩鋼 ↔健� 健頌 乾�밀 꺌�� � �槪 �도 匯況 輛��乾 珞靈읒 ��밀 �─� ��� 숩�도 �� 꿩ュヴ.

Original Copy: GNU General Public License